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C Scale Cornet/Trumpet C Scale Cornet/Trumpet

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Alright, this is more my expertise. I play trumpet/coronet! :D

First off, you actually don't sound half-bad. It's a little amateur sounding, but not actually bad. Your tempo is ALL over the place, but I like the certain jazzy-ness that came in throughout it and how you tried to make a boring old C scale sound interesting. To improve your sound, I suggest good old buzzing and breathing practice, as well as lip slurs and Remmingtons (sp? I've never seen that exercise written before...)

Trumpets and coronets are noble instruments and a good choice if you have an ego big enough to fill it! :D (Band humor.)

AccountableMasses responds:

LOL.... nice one. Anyways thanks for the input... never heard of remmingtons though...

Bye Bye Black Bird Soprano Sax Bye Bye Black Bird Soprano Sax

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars



Soprano sax is one of my favorite instruments and it is not supposed to sound like that. I am terribly sorry for the negative review, but it sounds like you were strangling your instrument.

Try lightening your tongue, using STEADY air and keeping it blowing through your tongue (not stopping it). Keep your tempo in mind (possibly a metronome?) and practice, practice, practice. Squeaking isn't acceptable when you can re-record. I can't offer any specific advise, since I'm a brass player, but try just to get INTO the song. Make it musical!

Other then that, it sounds like it could be a good song. If this is an existing song, might I recommend listening to it on repeat for about thirty minutes and really getting a feeling for it?

Again, I'm sorry for the negative review. I realize it isn't easy posting your performance on the internet. :3

Super Biker ( Techno Remake ) Super Biker ( Techno Remake )

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed this! It had a nice back beat and I enjoyed all the little changes that went on with the tempo. Keep up the good work!

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